sarah mane, life coaching & training services, northern beaches, sydney sarah mane, life coaching & training services, northern beaches, sydney sarah mane, life coaching & training services, northern beaches, sydney

"Respond; don't react. Listen; don't talk.
Think; don't assume."

Raji Lukkoor


life coaching, executive coaching, corporate training

What is coaching?
Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. It is forward looking and outcome-focused; non-judgmental and positive. Through directed conversation coaching helps you identify your goals and aspirations, and allows you to create an action plan for achieving them. I aim to develop your understanding, responsibility and self belief.

How do I coach?
In a coaching conversation I actively listen to you and through questioning assist you to articulate your values and objectives and help you to create an action plan for bringing them to fruition.

How are sessions conducted?
Coaching is conducted either face to face, by phone or skype. Mindfulness and awareness training is conducted face to face either individually or in small groups.

What sessions do I offer?
You can choose any of the following:

Get Started: Single first time 1 hour session
Get Started and a Follow Up: 2 x 1 hour sessions
Follow Ups: Single 1 hour sessions by request

How frequently do you get coached?
Clients typically have their initial sessions fortnightly. Many clients book an on-going monthly session to maintain clarity, direction and focus.

What will you receive?

  • 20 minute phone introductory consultation.
  • Face to face, phone or skype coaching sessions as selected by you.
  • Summary of each session emailed afterwards if requested.
  • Follow up call or email if requested for additional support to complete action plans.
  • Unlimited email access between coaching sessions.

What type of people want coaching?

  • People experiencing transitions such as career, relocation, retirement or divorce.
  • People with issues of self esteem, security, direction, meaning and personal values.
  • People who want to find new possibilities in their lives.
  • People who want a holistic approach and want to focus on achieving balance, meaning and fulfillment.

Why would you use Sarah Mane's coaching service?

  • I have worked for twenty five years in the education and communications field so I can help you identify and achieve a clear direction in your life.
  • I have over thirty years training and experience in self-awareness, meditation, self-development and personal transformation and can guide you to find your inner strengths and unlock your potential.
  • I have made significant life and career changes so understand the issues and challenges which you face.
  • I am a trained and experienced listener so you will be heard and feel validated.
  • I am a qualified and certified coach so my service is credible and can be trusted.
  • I am committed to your progress and success so you can achieve great results and will receive personal support.

What's involved in Mindfulness or Awareness training?

Simple, practical and systematic techniques for connecting with the Now; resulting in clarity of mind and effective and efficient action. You will feel an inner calm, reduced stress and increased ability to connect with a deep source of wisdom.



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